Libyan state-owned National Oil Company (NOC) has welcomed the UN Security Council’s (UNSC) recommendations regarding the illegal export of oil by authorities in the east of the country, Xinhua reported.

The UNSC Panel of Experts (PoE) on Libya addressed the repeated failed attempts to export oil illegally by the so-called NOC East parallel institution in Benghazi. This has resulted in the loss of Libyan state funds and the deterioration of institutions and infrastructure, the NOC said in a statement.

The two parallel political institutions vying for legitimacy each have their respective oil corporations looking for control over the Libyan energy sector.

The UNSC PoE recently presented a final report accusing the eastern-based Oil Corporation of attempting to “illicitly export crude oil”.

“As the sole legitimate steward of Libya’s oil and gas resources, NOC has experienced the disruptive behaviour of criminal gangs and illicit institutions. We praise the UN report for its detailed exposure of the scale of criminality and corruption across the country. We welcome its findings and support its key recommendations without reservation,” said NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla.

He added that the western-based NOC has repeatedly called for additional measures to combat the illicit export and sale of the country’s oil, to reform of fuel subsidies, and to impose sanctions on all individuals attempting to blockade and illegally profit from the sale of Libyan natural resources.