Iraq’s current exports from the Kirkuk oil field through a pipeline to Turkey have dropped to 100,000b/d, compared with 133,000b/d in October. An official at state-run North Oil Company attributed the decrease to power outages, reported Reuters. The pipeline delivers crude to Turkish terminal of Ceyhan, on the Mediterranean. It also carries crude produced in fields developed by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), an autonomous region in north Iraq.

North Oil resumed exports through the Kurdish-controlled pipeline in August, after a five-month halt caused by a dispute on oil revenue sharing between Baghdad and the KRG, according to Al Arabiya. In mid September, the pipeline was repaired, with a flow test taking place. Operations were expected to return to normal exports levels of more than 90,000b/d.

Iraq’s total exports for September, including KRG, were 3.871mb/d, of which 3.276mb/d were shipped from the southern ports A member of the Organizations of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Iraq is second-largest producer in the griu, after Saudi Arabia.