Erin Energy Corporation obtained an 18-month extension of its Initial Exploration Period (IEP) of its offshore blocks in Kenya, L27 and L28, reported Rigzone.

The IEP will expire now in February 2017. “We are delighted to receive this 18-month extension,” said Segun Omidele, senior vice president for Exploration and Production. “This additional time to evaluate these blocks will allow us to acquire 3D seismic data and to look for suitable partners on the blocks.”

The IEP is a Production Sharing Contracts and the extension will become effective as of August 9.

According to Standard Digital News, the extension will allow Erin Energy to acquire, process, and interpret more 3D seismic data for the aforementioned blocks.

Erin is a small, independent firm headquartered in Houston, Texas, that specializes in sub-Saharan Africa with offshore operations in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and The Gambia, and onshore Kenya.