Iraq to Triple Natural Gas Production

Iraq to Triple Natural Gas Production

Iraqi Oil Minister, Jabar Al Luaibi, stated in an energy conference held in Beghdad, on the 2nd of April, that Iraq’s production will have a triple increase and rise to be 1.7bcf/d of natural gas as the country is executing flaring reducing projects, informed Times of India. The production will triple by 2018 as it will increase to 1.4bcf/d in 2017 from 650,000cf/d in 2016, as reported by Al Arabiya News.

South Gas Company announced in January 2017 that Iraq is expected to triple its exports of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). In Addition, it is thought to double its exports of gas condensates in 2017 as it collects more of these fuels at its southern oilfields.

South Gas Company added that Iraq is planning to boost its LPG production from 30,000 tons in 2016 to be 100,000 tons in 2017. Gas condensate exports are also planned to increase from 200,000 cubic meters in 2016 to be 400,000 cubic meters within this year.

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