The Iraqi Oil Minister, Jabbar Al-Luiebi, opened in a ribbon-cutting ceremony late March the Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC), which is a split from the South Oil Company (SOC), Iraq Oil Report reported.

The Dhi Qar province has huge unexplored oil, including the Nassiriya Oilfield with production estimated at 300.000 b/d, Al Gharaf Oilfield with 130.000 b/d, Al-Rafidain Oilfield with 110.000 b/d, in addition to a number of oilfields that have not been explored yet, reported Iraq Trade Link News.

Minister Al-Luiebi stated during the opening ceremony: “We congratulate the local government and the people of Dhi Qar whom will witness job opportunities and social benefits increase.”

In 2016, SOC was transferred into the Basra Oil Company (BOC), which is processing the same work with decreased areas to operate in. Then, The Iraqi Cabinet approved the creation of DQOC, which is focusing on operations work at the Dhi Qar province.