The Iraqi Oil Minister, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, stressed on October 13 the importance of expediting plans for natural gas investments in Al-Rumaila oil field, according to Shafaq News.

Ismail said in a statement, “the maintenance of production in Al-Rumaila oil field and the available investment opportunities in oil and gas were discussed in a video conference held with the regional manager of BP in the Middle East, Stephen Willis, and the company’s director in Iraq, Zaid Al-Yasiri.”

The minister added, “the importance of upgrading production specifications, improving the quality of crude oil. The need to expedite the development of plans and mechanisms to invest in burning gas associated with oil operations and address carbon emissions.”

This is part of a national campaign run by Iraq to monetize their natural gas production instead of the wasteful and environmentally damaging practice of gas flaring.