Drilling Company International (DCI) has announced that it is to redesign and upgrade the DCI-1 drilling control and protection system, according to SHANA.

The Rack Phase Difference (RPD) has been installed on the DCI-1 offshore rig and has been tested to make up for the weakness in the control and protection system of the drilling rigs. The system was redesigned and upgraded by the company’s experts for the first time in Iran. The system 

Speaking about the RPD, Hamidreza Saghafi, CEO of Drilling Company International, said, “The RPD control system allows offshore drilling rigs to have proper control over the forces applied to each side of the rig bases and significantly prevents damage to the bases.”

DCI-1 is a Drilling Jack Up that was built in 2011. Its carrying capacity is 2,365 tons and its length overall (LOA) is 59.75 meters and has a width of 55.78 meters.