A senior official at the National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC) says Iranian companies are planning to export gas-generated electricity to five neighboring countries.

Alireza Kameli, managing director of the NIGEC, was quoted by Iranian media as saying on Sunday that Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates are five countries that are supposed to receive electricity produced in Iran by gas-fueled power plants.

The official noted that the first contract for the export of gas-generated electricity was signed between the NIGEC and an Iranian private company in January.

Referring to the continuation of negotiations between Iranian and foreign companies for the export of electricity, the NIGEC official said after the conclusion of the first contract with an Iranian company, memorandums of understanding have been signed with four more Iranian companies to produce gas-generated electricity.

Kameli said an agreement was signed with Turkish companies for the construction of a power plant last year and Iranian companies are currently conducting studies to find a suitable location for the power plant.

“Main priorities for these companies include construction of the power plant and finding a suitable market for the purchase of the generated electricity,” he added.

Kameli stated that in addition to Turkey, Iranian private companies are conducting studies on electricity markets in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Back in March, the managing director of Iran Power Generation and Transmission Company was quoted by Iranian media as saying that Iran’s electricity production capacity stands at above 73,000 megawatts.

Homayoun Haeri added that the remarkable rise in Iran’s power generation capacity has turned the country into the electricity export hub of the Middle East.

Source: Press TV