Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in the UAE yesterday, reported Gulf News, in an historic attempt to deepen relations with the Gulf Arab countries and draw more Gulf investments into his country.

The last time an Indian Prime Minister was received in Abu Dhabi was 34 years ago when Indira Gandhi visited the UAE in 1981. In 2012 the UAE and India set up a joint high-level task force to further attract investments and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (Adia) has announced before that it will pump $2 b for investments in infrastructure projects in India as well as help the country develop its strategic oil reserve.

Modi is scheduled to visit the UAE’s zero-carbon, renewable energy Masdar City.

In the run up to the visit Trade Arabia said that Modi intended to enhance cooperation in energy and trade with the UAE in addition to addressing the Indian diaspora there, which makes up more than 30% of the UAE’s population.

Those Indians remit more than $13 b annually to their home country from the UAE, which is India’s third largest trading partner.