Germany to Build a 30 MW Hydrogen Electrolysis Plant

Germany to Build a 30 MW Hydrogen Electrolysis Plant

Companies involved in a hydrogen plant at Heide oil refinery near Hamburg announced that they would build a 30 megawatts (MW) electrolysis plant achieving its plan to develop commercial-scale carbon- free energy, Reuters reported.

Germany is aiming at having 5,000 MW of electrolysis capacity by 2030 to replace conventional and nuclear power in addition to develop fuel for heating and transport. In this track, the country agreed to build a national hydrogen strategy in July, to help decarbonize the economy including €9 billion for promoting new projects support transition to producing clean fuel.

The German Economy Ministry approved to fund Heide refinery project by €30 million. This project expects to awaken the development of hydrogen as fuel. It will pass electricity from wind turbines through water to extract carbon-free hydrogen. Furthermore, it will produce other alternative hydrogen fuels to be used in the projects ranging from heat to kerosene and plastics.


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