Gastec Contributes to Decarbonization, Environmental Preservation Efforts

Gastec Contributes to Decarbonization, Environmental Preservation Efforts

Within the framework of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources’ emissions reduction and environmental preservation strategy, Gastec has been a significant part of the continuous efforts to expand the use of natural gas and develop the necessary infrastructure for all citizens to benefit from it across Egypt.

The company‘s work has successfully reduced carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 1.4 million tons and carbon monoxide emissions by 56,000 tons.

In Sharm El-Sheikh, which is hosting COP27, Gastec was a pioneer in providing, for the first time, natural gas catering and conversion services, as it opened and operated five natural gas catering stations in the city: Ruwaisat Station – Old Market Station – Al-Nour Station – Plateau Umm El Sid Station – Holiday Station. This is in addition to providing a mobile station for refueling cars with natural gas to enhance catering services for all types of cars and vehicles at the Nabq station dedicated to refueling buses with natural gas, whose construction and operation works are underway.

The company has also provided a modern smart card catering system at its stations, which is the latest electronic linkage system for catering cars in the world.

Additionally, Gastec converted more than 1,000 cars to operate on natural gas in the city through the Gastec Conversion Center, which represents about 70% of the gas-powered cars in Sharm El Sheikh, with the aim of contributing to the efforts of South Sinai Governorate to transform Sharm El Sheikh into an environmentally friendly green city.


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