The Gas Regulatory Authority is done with the inspection and review of the license commitment terms of 33 companies operating in shipping, supplying and distributing natural gas to the domestic market, according to AlBorsa News.

A source in the Gas Regulatory Authority told AlBorsa that a committee from the authority had inspected the companies’ working sites to verify of their commitment to the standards and qualifications stated in their license.

He declared that the activities that have to be licensed are related to natural gas operations and facilities as well as commercial activities like the shipment and supply of natural gas.

“The first phase includes licensing gas transmission system operator, gas distribution system operator, gas shipping, and gas supply”, the source added.

Additionally, he said that the authority determined the fees for issuing licenses for natural gas transmission, shipping, distribution, and supply activities, according to the executive regulations of the Gas Market Regulation Law issued in August 2017.

The source pointed out that companies started to apply for their licenses’ renewal, obtained in 2019.

Moreover, he noted that the regulatory does not interfere in adjusting the sale price to the end consumer, which is stipulated by the Cabinet.