The embassy of Switzerland, Swiss companies Schindler and ABB, along with the Swiss-Egyptian Business Association (SEBA) held a conference in Cairo, where they presented the details of the zero-fuel airplane, the “Solar Impulse II”.

The airplane, which is entirely powered by solar energy, took 12 years of research and can now fly day and night. It started its 35,000 km journey from Abu Dhabi in March, its first ever flight around the world. It is expected to land back in Abu Dhabi in late July or August.

“The sun is the power; under this slogan this event will take us to the world of renewable energy in the aviation sector. All mankind need more sustainable clean energy in every domain in life,” commercial Attaché at the Embassy of Switzerland Madiha Nasr said, introducing the Solar Impulse II airplane.

To date, it is still unclear when exactly the airplane will fly over Egypt, as climate changes might interrupt the path and timeframe of the journey, Ambassador of Switzerland to Egypt Markus Leitner said.

Source: Daily News Egypt.