ExxonMobil Doubles Polypropylene Production at Baton Rouge

ExxonMobil Doubles Polypropylene Production at Baton Rouge

ExxonMobil reported that its brand-new polypropylene manufacturing unit at the Polyolefins Plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, had successfully launched.

In order to address the increased demand for high-performance, lightweight, and durable plastics, notably for automotive parts that can boost fuel efficiency and lower emissions from vehicles, the unit improves the Gulf Coast’s ability to produce polypropylene by 450,000 metric tons annually. A versatile polymer called polypropylene is used to make everyday items like food packaging and medical masks safer and more effective.

“With the startup of this new production unit, we are well positioned to responsibly meet the growing global demand for these high-performance polymers,” said Karen McKee, president of ExxonMobil Product Solutions. “The ingenuity of our people and our investments in technology enable us to produce high quality products that are essential to daily life.”

Through the COVID outbreak and the ensuing economic collapse, ExxonMobil continued to invest in this advantageous project. The total capital investment was more than $500 million. Over $500 million was invested in capital overall. Due to ExxonMobil’s extensive mega-project management expertise and unmatched technological capacity, the unit was able to start up on schedule and within budget.

More than 650 people were employed on the project during development, and 65 more full-time ExxonMobil positions are needed once it is fully functioning.

A more than 500,000 barrel per day refinery, as well as businesses that produce chemicals, lubricants, polyolefins, and plastics, are all part of ExxonMobil’s integrated operations in Baton Rouge. One out of every ten employees in the Baton Rouge area is supported by ExxonMobil, which employs over 5,500 people there as well as contractors.


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