El Molla Oversees Practical Drill to Combat Pollution at Al Hamra Port

El Molla Oversees Practical Drill to Combat Pollution at Al Hamra Port

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla has attended the demonstration of a practical drill to simulate an emergency response to a marine pollution crisis involving petroleum products.

The practical maneuver activities will be held over three days at Al Hamra Petroleum Port in New Alamein, in coordination between the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (MoPMR) and ExxonMobil, which is preparing to drill the first exploratory well, Nefertari-1, which is considered the first deep-water well in the western Mediterranean region.

This Nefertari-1 drilling is planned after conducting many geological and geophysical studies in the region and after ExxonMobil implemented a 3D seismic survey program for approximately 3,300 km2 and carrying out data processing and seismic interpretations. It is planned that the well will be drilled in water about 1,727 meters deep.

The drill included teams carrying out the work of deploying rubber barriers to protect tourist beaches and strategic areas and installations in the city of New Alamein, and lowering rubber marine barriers to water to contain pollution and recovering it using scrapers and suction pumps to floating tanks and transporting them to the oily water treatment facilities in Al Hamra Port.

El Molla stated that the oil and gas industry spares no effort in achieving the highest standards of environmental compatibility and training human cadres on modern methods and practices in this vital field, as well as providing the necessary equipment and supplies.

The minister explained that these drills provide an important example of the growing culture of environmental compatibility and its adherence to international standards in the efforts it provides, especially since it comes within the framework of the state’s policies to preserve the environment and training to activate the national emergency plan to combat a level three marine pollution crisis.

El Molla noted that the drill, which is carried out in an expanded partnership, is of special importance, and demonstrated the competence of all parties responsible for the system of confronting any marine oil pollution that may occur in a way that preserves the marine environment and natural resources.

It is a clear message to invest in the ability of the Egyptian state to deal efficiently with the requirements of environmental compatibility, as well as the ability of the petroleum and natural gas industry to continue to fulfill its mission until the complete energy transformation is achieved, El Molla pointed out.

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