Europe will soon be forced to speak with Russia not only on the Turkish Stream issue, but also in regard to increased volume of gas deliveries, Gazprom Deputy Chairman Alexander Medvedev said Tuesday.

“We believe that common sense will prevail in Europe and we will speak not only about the distribution of gas deliveries to Europeans through the Turkish Stream project…but also it will soon be time to talk about additional volumes.”

Currently, Russian gas deliveries amount to about one-third of the total European consumption.

Last month, a Gazprom executive manager said that Russia would begin laying gas pipelines in the Black Sea for the Turkish Stream by mid-June.

The Turkish Stream project, designed to deliver Russian gas to Europe via the Black Sea and Turkey, was first announced after Moscow abandoned its South Stream project, that would have run via the Black Sea to Bulgaria, in December 2014.

The Turkish Stream pipeline will have an estimated capacity of 63 billion cubic meters.

Source: Sputnik