EMGF Hosts Workshop to Highlight Importance of Leveraging Decarbonization Technology

EMGF Hosts Workshop to Highlight Importance of Leveraging Decarbonization Technology

The East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) hosted a workshop under the theme ‘Leveraging Technology to Accelerate a Decarbonized Future for the East Med’. Organized by Egypt Oil & Gas Group, the workshop took place on September 18th, at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

The workshop aimed to bring together stakeholders and leading industry professionals from the East Med region along with major technology providers to discuss the potential of technology in accelerating the transition to a decarbonized future.

During his opening remarks, Osama Mobarez, Secretary General of the EMGF, welcomed attendees and talked about the workshop’s objectives as well as the EMGF’s climate action ambitions, shedding light on its close relationship to energy security. “One of our main objectives is that we are trying to strike the right balance between energy security and energy transition.”

The workshop featured several sessions, discussing the EMGF decarbonization initiative, Wintershall Dea’s decarbonization pathway, Chervron’s approach to methane management, and solutions for decarbonization for an efficient and cost-effective gas production in East Med. Moreover, the workshop’s sessions included a discussion of gas processing & production decarbonization technologies, as well as a technical and economic comparison of carbon capture technology routes and a projection of future abatement costs. The event further featured a roundtable discussion on the workshop outcome and way forward.

The event was sponsored by Wintershall Dea and Halliburton.

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