El Molla Reviews PPC’s 2022/23 Performance

El Molla Reviews PPC’s 2022/23 Performance

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla praised the Petroleum Pipeline Company’s (PPC) pivotal role in developing the national oil transportation network, which supplies consumers with their needs and provides the ability to transport and distribute fuel efficiently and flexibly.

El Molla’s note came during the general assembly to review PPC’s performance for fiscal year 2022/23.

The minister stated that the great development witnessed by the network’s work system after the implementation of modern digital transformation systems.

PPC’s Chairman Fathi Mansour explained that it worked in parallel on several axes during the ending fiscal year to expand the lines of the national oil transportation network and raise its efficiency, implementing line and infrastructure projects within the framework of the Ministry’s strategy to enhance Egypt’s role as a regional center for oil trading and trade, as well as replacing and renewing old lines and expanding digital transformation systems that support the management and operation of the network.

Mansour reviewed the most important projects that were started to be implemented within the framework of the ministry’s strategy to enhance Egypt’s role as a regional center for oil trade and circulation, which included projects for new oil transport lines with a length of 280 km and the expansion of two storage stations at an investment cost of more than EGP 6 billion.

The position of new line projects to expand the national petroleum transport network was also reviewed, with the aim of supporting the efficiency of transport and distribution of petroleum products in various consumption areas and governorates, especially Upper Egypt. This includes starting to establish new lines with a length approaching 600 km and at an investment cost exceeding EGP 11 billion. This is in addition to replacement and renewal projects in existing lines to maintain their efficiency.

In the field of applying digital transformation systems, projects being implemented worth more than EGP 4 billion were reviewed with the aim of monitoring and controlling lines and warehouses to secure them against leaks and encroachments, projects included installing automatic measuring devices for RTG warehouses, a flow rate measurement system in lines, a monitoring and control system, early detection of leaks, and modernizing monitoring and control rooms.

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