In a press release to Egypt Oil&Gas, the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum, Tarek El Molla, stated that the ministry aims to develop and increase refineries efficiency through developing its production units and adding new units to improve productivity and maintain environmental and industrial safety.

El Molla’s comments came during the General Assembly of Alexandria National Refine & Petrochemical (ANRPC), to review its fiscal results for 2015/2016.

During the assembly ANRPC’s CEO, Kaheld Khalifa, explained that the total naphtha used in production reached around 1.2m tons to produce around 843,000 tons of benzene 92 octane and 95 octane.

The company exported around 238,000 tons of heavy naphtha worth $93.5m, which helped in funding the company’s new project and achieving $4.7m profit.

Khalifa added that the company is executing several projects to increase productivity and improving naphtha through producing reformate to produce and export high octane benzene with $293.5m investments which will increase benzene production by 850,000 tons/year as well as increase butane and hydrogen production.

He also explained that ANRPC is establishing a project worth $195m to use 50,000 tons/year of hydrogen to produce 160,000 tons/year of ammonia.