El Molla Meets with American Chamber of Commerce’s Mining Committee Delegation

El Molla Meets with American Chamber of Commerce’s Mining Committee Delegation

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla received a delegation from the Mining Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, the ministry said in a statement.

The committee’s recent efforts to support and promote mining investment opportunities for US companies were discussed during the meeting.

Talks also revolved around capacity building, research, and proposals that contribute to keeping pace with changes in the global mining industry.

El Molla praised AmCham for its contribution as a partner, explaining that the provision of distinguished training programs by the Mining Committee of the American Chamber for workers in the mining sector in Egypt helped develop and refine their skills.

The minister added that digital transformation procedures are currently being implemented in the mining sector.

He elaborated that work is underway to establish a mining portal similar to the Egyptian Upstream Gateway (EUG) portal in the field of oil and gas.

The mining portal will contain all the geological data and maps required by investors to facilitate the presentation of investment opportunities.

The technical evaluation of the portal has already been completed and is expected to be launched during the coming period.

The amendments to the Mineral Resources Law have borne fruit in light of the growing global interest by major companies in investment opportunities in the field of mining in Egypt, El Molla highlighted.

The delegation of the Mining Committee reviewed the activities of various companies’ members of the committee in the field of mining and the efforts to attract American investments in Egypt.

Moreover, the delegation praised the radical changes witnessed in the new mining legislation, which succeeded in meeting investors’ requirements.


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