El Molla Inspects Mostorod Expansion Projects

El Molla Inspects Mostorod Expansion Projects

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla has visited the petroleum geographic region in Mostorod to follow up on the implementation status of new expansion projects in the region.

During the visit, he confirmed that the oil and gas sector strategy attaches importance to implementing digital transformation programs within the project to develop and modernize the sector, which began implementation in 2016.

The use of digital transformation in Egyptian refineries and chemical laboratories is an integral part of this strategy to become digital laboratories that provide accurate results for production processes so that petroleum materials conform to Egyptian and international specifications and codes, El Molla noted.

El Molla stated that the new warehouses being constructed in the new geographical area of ​​Mostorod will contribute positively to maximizing the production capacity, storage and payment operations of distribution and marketing companies to keep pace with the targeted economic development.

The minister explained that all warehouses have been digitally linked with the Petroleum Authority to provide real-time data on the balances in these warehouses.

During the tour, the Minister and his companions were briefed on the implementation status of new projects in the petroleum geographic region of Mostorod.

This comes as Wael Rizk, President of the Cairo Petroleum Refining Company (CORC), reviewed the most important projects being implemented by Petrojet, which include a project to construct 12 tanks for various petroleum materials; a project for automatic mixing of all types of gasoline to keep pace with international specifications; and a project to establish a new firefighting network for companies in the petroleum geographic region in Mostorod.

During the visit, the project to implement the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) was reviewed. The project comes within the framework of the Ministry’s strategy to implement digital transformation systems through the project to develop and modernize the sector.

LIMS aims to link 13 petroleum companies through the creation of an integrated system between the Petroleum Authority and its subsidiaries, to form a strong database, real-time follow-up of the outputs of production units, and rapid appropriate decision-making. The trial operation and actual operation of all companies participating in the project have been completed.

El Molla also inspected the central analysis laboratory at CORC.

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