El Molla Inaugurates Phase I of SCADA Control Room in PPC

El Molla Inaugurates Phase I of SCADA Control Room in PPC

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla has inspected the projects of automatic measuring devices for the Petroleum Pipeline Company’s (PPC) line network.

On the sidelines of the visit, El Molla inaugurated the first phase of the SCADA control and monitoring room at the PPC, which included establishing a monitoring and control system and early detection of any leaks in the lines (10 lines as a first phase).

Following the inauguration, El Molla explained the importance of this project, which is similar to the SCADA system in the National Natural Gas Network. It aims to achieve the highest levels of security, control, and data auditing in the system of transporting crude oil from production sites to refineries, and then transporting petroleum products to places of distribution and consumption.

During the tour, El Molla stated that the oil pipeline network is the arteries of development that extends from north to south Egypt. It has a vital role in transporting crude oil from places of production to refineries and from there to warehouses and places of consumption.

El Molla highlighted the importance of using digital transformation programs in the crude oil and product transportation system to control the speed of product payment and tighten supervision and control over the lines, which facilitates decision-making at the appropriate time.

During the tour, PPC Chairman Nabawi Mahmoud gave a presentation on the importance of the role that the company plays as a link between production companies, refineries and distribution companies. This is made possible through a large network of lines with a length of up to 6,300 km extending between all the country’s governorates, in addition to 66 propulsion stations and 155 warehouses storing crude and petroleum products

Mahmoud explained that an integrated system for digital transformation in operations has been created with the aim of raising the efficiency of payment and storage operations at the stations, and then raising the efficiency of the safe trading system for products and raw materials by providing data to support decision-making processes.

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