El Molla Inaugurates New Natural Gas Car Fueling Stations in Giza

El Molla Inaugurates New Natural Gas Car Fueling Stations in Giza

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla accompanied by Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, has inaugurated the Gastec – Eni and Cargas – Chillout stations to provide cars with natural gas in the 6th of October City and the Haram area.

El Molla stated that his presence with the Governor of Giza at the inauguration of the new stations for natural gas for cars is a message indicating the state’s full support for the expansion of this initiative, which benefits the citizen by providing fuel that gives the same efficiency at the lowest cost, and in a way that enhances citizens’ confidence in relying on natural gas services for cars spread on various roads and axes, and achieves the state’s goals in expanding this activity with the economic and environmental goals it achieves.

The presidential initiative that supported the national project to convert cars to run on natural gas, along with marketing efforts and innovative solutions such as mobile conversion centers, had a significant impact in increasing the number of cars converted to run on natural gas to more than 550,000 cars, and the spread of new stations, amounting to approximately one thousand stations, in the governorates of the Republic and on the roads and highways, El Molla noted.

Following the opening of the integrated Gastec-Eni station in the October Gardens area, the Minister inspected the provision of integrated services at the station.

Gastec Chairman Abdel Fattah Farahat  explained that the station is capable of providing natural gas supply services to about 2,000 cars per day through six charging points, and that it is built according to a modern, advanced design that provides spaces to provide various integrated services.

Farahat stated that the station, which was established in partnership with the Italian company Eni, provides fuel supply services for 92-95 gasoline through 16 fuel points, high-quality international Eni oil services, and various services for motorists.

El Molla further inaugurated the Cargas station for fueling cars with natural gas, which is located within the Chillout gas station on the Haram Ring Road, where he began the tour by inspecting the services for fueling cars with natural gas and the station’s capabilities in this activity.

Cargas Chairman Khaled Gamal El-Din, explained during the tour that the new station is capable of supplying 1,000 cars per day with natural gas through four charging and supply points.

The station’s capacity can reach up to 15,000 cubic meters of gas per day. These stations are an embodiment of the plan to enhance the presence of Cargas stations on highways and vital roads in accordance with the Ministry’s strategy for the rapid spread of stations.

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