El Molla Inaugurates Mining Services Plant in Marsa Alam

El Molla Inaugurates Mining Services Plant in Marsa Alam

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla has inaugurated the Marsa Alam plant, a field laboratory affiliated with the Mineral Resources Central Laboratories.

The minister inspected the plant units, which include the atomic and fiery analysis units, the weighing and samples preparation room, and the scientific library. El Molla emphasized the urgency of linking the plant to the central laboratories in Dokki.

El Molla explained that the development of the plant is part of an initiative to upgrade and enhance the efficiency of workers and buildings while providing them with modern technologies to optimize the exploitation of mineral resources and increase its contribution to the national economy. It is worth noting that this is also part of a wider effort to develop plants and mining centers affiliated with the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority (EMRA).

The Head of the EMRA, Yasser Ramadan, explained that the plant was established in the 1940s, as one of the services of the mining center of the EMRA in Marsa Alam.

Recently, it was developed aiming to serve mining activities in the Eastern Desert as well as geological missions in the region, where it prepares samples, he added.


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