El Molla Follows Up on Petroleum Trading System

El Molla Follows Up on Petroleum Trading System

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla has highlighted the importance of the proactive vision for developing and modernizing the petroleum sector in adopting digital transformation as an important means in all aspects of the petroleum system’s work.

He added that it works to provide accurate and rapid information and data that supports the decision maker.

El Molla pointed to the success of modern technologies that have been used in recent years as tools for tightening control and precise and real-time monitoring of the movement of distribution and circulation of petroleum products.

This came during the extended meeting that he attended in the main area of the petroleum products trading system in the ministry, during which he followed through video conference technology the work in the main rooms of the system in the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), and marketing companies.

Accelerating the completion of linking the petroleum products trading system is a major goal that is being worked on by completing the linking of the chambers of the petroleum geographic regions to the system and to the main chambers of marketing companies, EGPC, and the ministry, El Molla noted.

The stability of the petroleum products market over the past period, despite global market challenges and fluctuations in price levels and supply chains, is attributed to the provision of all the necessary elements for success and the digital modernization of the system, the minister explained.

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