El Molla Emphasizes the Key Role of PetroSafe in Petroleum Sector

El Molla Emphasizes the Key Role of PetroSafe in Petroleum Sector

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla has highlighted the key role of Petroleum Safety and Environmental Services Company (PetroSafe) in providing services to help the petroleum sector to increase production considering while emphasizing environmental compatibility.

El Molla’s remarks came during the general assembly meeting of PetroSafe to approve its operational results for 2022. El Molla affirmed the necessity of supporting its financial position and increasing capital as one of the most important companies specializing in providing safety and environmental services.

Additionally, the minister urged the company to work continuously on being ready to present updated services in the fields of safety and environment as well as preparing a more aware and trained teamwork to seize the opportunities that will be available through the expansion of the industry in environmental compatibility projects, which is currently witnessing a huge boom.

For his part, PetroSafe’s Chairman Emad Abdel Razik presented the various services the company provided during 2022. He pointed to the remarkable development in its activities and achieving great results in comparison to the previous year. Abdel Razik said that the company is targeting to increase its business during 2023 in light of the investment opportunities produced from the current developments witnessed by the industry.


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