Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, visited El Hamra Port in El Alamein to monitor its implementation of health, safety, and environment standards (HSE), reported Egypt Oil & Gas.

El Molla examined the port’s facilities and reviewed the operations of the Western Desert Operating Petroleum Company (WEPCO), the company responsible for HSE in the port.

During the visit, WEPCO’s CEO, Ahmed El Khames, explained the company’s plans for applying HSE standards.

The El Hamra Port’s storage and transit capabilities enable it to serve as an important hub for receiving, storing, and shipping petroleum produced in the Western Desert.

Noting the importance of HSE standards, El Molla recommended regular reviews to ensure the port remains in full compliance with the ministry’s HSE strategy.

The minister also met with the port’s workers and listened to their suggestions for improving operations. El Molla praised the workers’ efforts to boost performance and indicated that he would continue to monitor the port’s development.