Egyptian gas to reach Turkey via Syria

Syria’s Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Sufian Allawi stated that the Egyptian gas would reach Turkey via Syria at the beginning of next year through the four outlets of the Arab Gas Pipeline.

By this, the transfer of the Arab gas to Europe is ensured. He mentioned that “the Arab Gas Pipeline is extending from al Arish (Egypt) to Aqaba, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon,” adding that the transfer of the Arab gas to Europe via Turkey will be in accordance with the contracts agreed upon with the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. The Arab gas pipeline project is extending up to 600 km to in the Syrian territory coming from Egypt via Jordan and Turkey to reach a total length of 1200 km.Egypt announced in June its intention to enter into agreements with Syria which will requires the increase of the quantity of Egyptian natural gas supplied to Syria via the Arab gas pipeline project. This is in addition to the deal signed by Syria and Egypt last year, which includes the supply of gas to Lebanon via the Arab Gas Pipeline.



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