The Ministry of Finance issued a statement saying that it is working on issuing gasoline cards to registered fishing boats and has already issued cards to boats at Red Sea ports, reported Daily News Egypt.

“The company executing the project issued all cards for vehicles registered in the traffic departments, whether they are running on petrol or diesel,” said First Assistant Minister of Finance for Institutional Development Amr Badawi. He added that the cards are now in the traffic departments in which these vehicles are registered. So far 5.5m cards have been issued.

“Cards have already been issued for all fishing vessels registered in Red Sea ports, such as Suez and Al-Ataka, and cards for vessels registered in other ports are currently being issued,” he said.

Meanwhile,  a farmer smart card system is currently being studied to provide support to farmers. “We are studying providing monetary allowance for every farm acre registered in agricultural associations,” added Badawi. When determining the value of this allowance, the amount of diesel used in agriculture and irrigation machines will be taken into consideration.