Egypt to Invest Over EGP 100b in Power

Egypt to Invest Over EGP 100b in Power

The Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Resources, Mohamed Shaker, stated that Egypt must produce a total of 21,952 MW of power until 2018, to meet local demand. This requires investments estimated at EGP 111b, reported Al Borsa News.

Cairo has developed a midterm plan to meet power demands that will annually increase electricity production by 7% from 2016 until 2018. This will be achieved by the addition of 21,900 MW to the national grid via new power facilities. Shaker added that the government has put in place plans to support high efficiency transportation and distribution channels to accommodate for increased power capacities during the near future, with the aim of securing, developing and governing the energy industry.

Shaker concluded that the ministry will focus on the use of smart networks to enhance the availability of the national power grids and improve efficiency, while relaying on various sources to produce energy such solar power plants, wind farms, bio-fuel, and through the use of new technologies like nuclear power plants, coal run power plants, as well as water pumping and storage station.

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