The ministers of petroleum and electricity agreed to pump approximately 135 mcm of gas, fuel oil and diesel daily for power stations over the following summer months.

A senior official at the Egyptian Gas Holding Company (EGAS) revealed that a maximum of 95m cubic metres of gas will be pumped daily, as well as 24,000 tons of fuel oil and 8,000 tonnes of diesel to power stations over the three months of summer.

He said that in case power stations’ consumption rate for fuel increases, they will not be able to provide any additional quantities of natural gas, and power stations will be compensated by truck shipments.

He further noted that 38.5m cubic metres of gas are currently being pumped to power stations on a daily basis, as well as 24,000 tonnes of fuel oil and 8,000 tonnes of diesel.

The official added that power stations of Ataka, West Damietta, Hurghada, Mahmoudia and Sharm El-Sheikh will operate by the end of this month, as per the Ministry of Electricity’s plan.

The Ataka power station requires a daily amount of 120m cubic feet of gas, while Mahmoudia requires 90m cubic feet. As for Sharm El-Sheikh power station, it will operate on quantities of diesel, according to the official.

He also said that 120m cubic feet will be provided daily to the West Damietta power station, while 90m cubic feet will be pumped to Hurghada power station.

The official added that the total production of gas in Egypt amounts to 4.35bn cubic feet. It also received around 200 mcf of gas daily from imported gas shipments.

Source: Daily News Egypt