Egypt pipeline opened after bomb removed

Egyptian gas transport company Gasco has reopened its upstream pipeline after an explosive device placed along it was removed.

Ampal-American Israel Corporation, which holds a 12.5% interest in East Mediterranean Gas (EMG) said in an announcement that the device had been placed along the pipeline on March 27.

The pipeline led to that of leading to EMG’s pipeline as well as pipelines leading to Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and major Egyptian cement industry and power generating gas consumers in the Sinai Peninsula.

While the device did not detonate and no damage to the system was reported, the upstream valve was shut down for a short period of time as a precautionary measure.

Pressure in the Gasco system subsided causing a decline in EMG pipeline pressure, resulting in a slowdown of gas delivery to EMG’s Israeli customers.

The gas supply is now back to normal in both places, and the upstream valve has been reopened.

(Source: upstreamonline)


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