President Sisi visited Athens on December 8th to discuss Egypt-Greece relations pledging the expansion of energy industry ties, Associated Press reports.

Greece seeks to aid its industry in light of its current economic struggles.

Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras said “There are enormous opportunities for cooperation between the two countries — opportunities that did not previously exist.”

In light of massive gas finds in the southern Mediterranean, particularly Egypt’s recent Zohr Field discovery, Greece hopes to expand its role in regional shipping, energy, and construction related to the industry.  During the meeting, the leaders signed a new port cooperation agreement. The discussion of greater cooperation is to follow in a trilateral format with Cyprus.

Cyprian President, Nicos Anastasiades joined the talks on December 9th to discuss issues related to energy, security, and maritime borders, Ahram Online reports.

In April 2015, President Sisi agreed to the formation of a committee to redraw maritime borders between Egypt, Greece and Cyprus. In December 2013, Egypt and Cyprus agreed to cooperate in developing hydrocarbon reserves along their shared maritime border.