Chairman of the Egyptian German Electrical Manufacturing Company (EGMAC), Medhat Ramadan, said that the company was awarded an EGP 200m contract to build two transformer stations in Sadat City for the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC). The project will be completed over a period of eight months, Al Mal reported.

The capacity of the first station is up to 66kv, while the capacity of the second station is 220kv. Ramadan added that the two stations are implemented for the benefit of Egypt’s New Urban Communities Authority to strengthen the national electricity grid in Sadat city and maintain projects that will be implemented with the use of energy. This is in addition to strengthening the transmission lines to prevent blackouts, and to maintain the capacity of the grid.

Medhat highlighted that the project will support the five-year electricity plan 2017-2022 and accommodate larger capacities of power, explaining that the timetable for implementing the project  is up to eight months. He also pointed out that there are ongoing negotiations on the legal terms of the project.