EARTHWISH Wins First Place in Shell’s ‘Imagine the Future’ Local Competition

EARTHWISH Wins First Place in Shell’s ‘Imagine the Future’ Local Competition

EarthWISH team, representing Zewail University of Science and Technology, won first place in the local version of Shell’s “Imagine the Future”, Shell Egypt announced.

The competition was held on May 10, with the participation of Egyptian university students with the aim of creating solutions to global challenges and developing their vision for a better world by 2060.

Out of 632 applicants from all over Egypt, 32 contestants from eight universities were selected, divided into five teams, and tasked with formulating practical scenarios to overcome the current biggest challenges under the slogan “More and Cleaner Energy by 2060: How Will We Live, Work and Play?”

This challenge requires taking into account a number of different factors such as economics, environment, politics, and technology, and their impact on global consumption and energy demand, and how they shape future livelihoods, work, and hobbies.

The EARTHWISH team won first place reward of EGP 25,000, in addition to representing Egypt in the international version of Shell’ s “Imagine the Future” competition, which will be held next July.

In the second place came the “SUPERVISION” team, which won EGP 20,000, followed by the “ENTROPHY” team in the third place, wining EGP 15,000. The fourth and fifth teams were also honored with a prize of EGP 10,000 each.

During the competition, the EARTHWISH team presented two scenarios for the life in the city of Port Said in 2060. The first scenario, “Low Battery tech-topia”, sees Port Said as a center for the new generation of transportation technology in 2060 amid sustainable life supported by renewable energy alternatives and environmentally friendly fishing methods. The second scenario, “Monopolized Charger”, puts environmental sustainability at the forefront of innovative and sustainable development in Port Said.

Khaled Kacem, Vice President and CEO of Shell Egypt, said: “Shell is always striving to develop and support community investment programs in Egypt, as these programs represent an essential pillar for raising the capabilities and refining the skills of the broad base of talented and distinguished Egyptian youth in all fields. Shell’s contribution to supporting societal progress by empowering youth as the driving force of Egyptian society, with the aim of formulating and presenting a range of future solutions, is the key to a brighter, environmentally friendly, and prosperous future. ”

Nashwa Saleh, Social Investment Manager at Shell Egypt, said: “As one of Shell Egypt’s core social investment programs, the ‘Imagine the Future’ competition is a great platform to showcase the capabilities and creative thinking skills of Egyptian youth, which is a key tool for overcoming the challenges we all face on the planet. We are extremely proud of what the EARTHWISH team has achieved and look forward to strengthening our commitment to progress by empowering youth and enhancing their innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills, paving the way towards a brighter future.”

“Imagine the Future” is a competition that has been organized by Shell companies in Asia Pacific and the Middle East since 2016. The competition aims to involve university students in exploring plausible views of the future by building and using scenarios that incorporate economic, environmental, legal, political, social and technological driving forces.

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