Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has launched its Strategy 2021 for Dubai, which focuses on several sectors such as seizing opportunities, meeting challenges, strategic drivers, goals and priorities, among others.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has launched its Strategy 2021 for Dubai, which focuses on several sectors such as seizing opportunities, meeting challenges, strategic drivers, renewed commitment to drive value, mission, strategic goals and priorities, and Dewa’s research and innovation map, among other sections.

The theme of Dewa’s is ‘Dewa at Work: Smarter and brighter energy future for Dubai.’

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, managing director and CEO of Dewa launched the company’s Strategy 2021 and the Second Sustainability Report 2014 at an event in Dubai yesterday (April 27).

Dewa’s efforts enhance the competitiveness of the UAE, promote Dubai’s position as a global hub for sustainability and green economy, and consolidate a culture of excellence, creativity, and innovation, a statement said.

“In line with the UAE Vision 2021, and Dubai Plan 2021, to set a roadmap of ambitious initiatives and developmental projects for economic growth, energy sustainability and a clean environment, and to promote Dewa’s vision to become a sustainable innovative world-class utility, we work to provide the best government services and implement the best international practices to make people as satisfied and happy as possible,” said Al Tayer in his keynote speech.

“We harness excellence and creativity in our daily work to improve performance, efficiency, and services to match the highest international practices. Through our initiatives, we contribute to making Dubai the smartest city in the world and support the sustainable social, economic, and environmental development of Dubai in particular and the UAE in general.

“Today, we announce Dewa Strategy 2021, which emphasises the need to continue these efforts to take Dubai to the next level on its journey to celebrate the Union’s Golden Jubilee in seven years,”  he added.

“This strategy will provide the support for the process to make effective strategic decisions, and develop a road map that enables Dewa to support Dubai’s ongoing development. It will serve as a reference point during the strategic planning process that supports Dewa’s operational planning. This comprehensive strategy defines our strategic objectives and our relationship with our stakeholders and partners. We have also developed the map for research and innovation, which will enhance our journey towards achieving more success and excellence,” he added.

“Today, we also launch Dewa’s second annual Sustainability Report, to inform our stakeholders about Dewa’s sustainability performance and practices. The report was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines’ Core option.

“The GRI produces a globally-recognised sustainability reporting standard, used by organisations around the world to communicate their sustainability performance and impact.

“The report addresses the most important sustainability issues relevant to our performance and our stakeholders, such as economic development, energy efficiency and climate change, customer relations, water availability and quality, environmental protection, employee relations, stakeholders and community. The report also showcases case studies which highlight Dewa’s achievements with regards to the economic, social, and environment pillars of sustainability,” noted Al Tayer.

“I would like to thank all Dewa’s partners and customers. I hope that Dewa Strategy 2021 and the Sustainability Report 2014 will be key contributors to improving our services and making society happier,” concluded Al Tayer.

Source: Trade Arabia