The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) announced that the amount of consumed petroleum products declined by 2.1% to 77.4 million tons during the fiscal year (FY) of 2018/2019 compared to 79.1 million tons during the previous year, a press release issued by CAPMAS reported.

In addition, the amount of emissions from petroleum products’ consumption decreased 3.3% to 199.9 million tons in FY of 2018/19 versus 206.8 million tons in FY 2017/18.

Meanwhile, the total amount of generated electricity form green energy (wind and solar energy) increased by 58.2% approximately to 4,543 gigawatt per hour compared to 2,871 gigawatt per hour.

CAPMAS issued this press release on occasion of World Ozone Day under the slogan of “Ozone for Life”.