Chevron’s Anchor Platform to Give Much-Needed Production Boost

Chevron’s Anchor Platform to Give Much-Needed Production Boost

Chevron announced that the Anchor semi-submersible oil platform, part of the company’s U.S. Gulf of Mexico offshore project, is near completion.

The could company highlighted that this is regardless of the fact that the project’s teams worked through the pandemic, following health and safety protocols, during a time when much of the world was under lockdown. Then came pandemic-induced supply chain challenges and a skilled worker shortage.

“I have been on the project for several years and enjoyed coming in early and seeing it through to engineering and fabrication,” said Chris Braun, Anchor’s floating production unit delivery manager.

Anchor will help Chevron increase oil and gas production to meet growing demand for lower-carbon energy.

The company’s platforms in the Gulf of Mexico are some of the lowest carbon intensity-producing assets in the world.

The planned facility has a design capacity of 75,000 barrels of crude oil and 28 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. Production is targeted to begin next year.

“It’s about meeting energy demand,” Braun said. “We’re continuing to add barrels to the pipeline for our country, and we help provide affordable energy that’s important for everyone’s way of life.”






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