Libya Oil Tunisia signed a commercial partnership agreement with CHAMAM Division Gros (CDG) for the distribution of different lubricants of Libya Oil Tunisia under the OiLibya and Mobil brands in the Tunisian market, The African Manager reported.

The agreement was signed by General Managers from both companies, Rida Hassan Elamir Elmasri for OiLibya and Khaled Chamam for CHAMAM, at the headquarters of Libya Oil Tunisia in Berges du Lac, Tunis, according to F&L Asia.

Libya Oil Tunisia’s parent company, Libya Oil Holding Ltd, is involved in the supply and marketing of petroleum products under the OiLibya and Mobil lubricants brand in 18 African countries in North, West and East Africa. A subsidiary of the company, Lubrifiants de Tunisie (LDT) owns and operates a 40,000t/y lubricants blending plant in Radès.