BG Group is beginning to resume exploration drilling in Egypt as staff evacuated during the early days of street protests gradually return to the country, said chief executive Frank Chapman.

The UK-based company is also keen to increase its participation in the North African country’s oil and gas sector once the dust settles after the latest political unrest, he said.

Chapman said he expects any future Egyptian government, regardless of its political make-up, to continue to welcome investment from energy companies such as BG Group, Dow Jones reported.

“There are a lot of undeveloped resources still in the Nile Delta that will need capital,” he said.

About 12% of BG Group’s total oil and gas production comes from Egypt and Tunisia, but those operations were not materially affected during the unrest, he said.

About 280 people, including BG Group staff and their families, had been evacuated from Egypt, he added.

(Source: upstreamonline)