The Belarusian state-petrochemical complex, Belneftekhim, has agreed to import 5.75 million tonnes of Russain oil in Q3 2020, according to Belta

According to Aleksandr Tishchenko, press secretary at Belneftkhim, the oil will be pumped to two refineries by pipeline, with each refinery getting 2.875 million tonnes.

The importing schedule is based on the country’s oil trade balance sheet, which provides for importing 24 million tonnes of oil from Russia, including 23 million tonnes by pipeline and 1 million tonnes by rail. Due to the unprecedented global situation, the volume of oil acquisition will be determined on a monthly basis, taking into account the state of the market and also the technical ability of the oil refineries.

“We are still working on specific delivery volumes for July and will talk about it later,” Tishchenko said.

It is reported that ten Russian oil majors will supply the agreed 5.75 million tonnes of oil.