Bapetco Links 38mcf of Gas to Production from the New Abyad Well

Bapetco Links 38mcf of Gas to Production from the New Abyad Well

Bapetco has added an exploratory well in its Abyad fields in the Western Desert to production, at a rate of 38 mcf of gas and 1,000 barrels of condensate a day, reported Al-Borsa.

Company chairman Emad Hamdi said that placing the new well on production increased the company’s total production of gas to more than 500mcf/d.

He added that the company has placed another well in the Abyad area on production at rates of up to 26 mcf of gas and 600 barrels of condensate a day.

He explained that there were plans to start production from a new development well by the end of this month. The Sitra well in the Badr-3 fields is expected to produce 20mcf of gas and 2,600 barrels of light oil. The well has already been drilled and tested and a 15 km line connecting it to the pipe network in Badr-3 is currently underway.

He added that crude oil production rates in the Nyaz-1 area of ​​the Western Desert had increased to 15,000 b/d, with new development wells being drilling in the Nyaz region. This was in the light of the previous successes in the same area, pushing up production at a rate of 6,000b/d. there were also studies underway to increase the storage capacity in the Nyaz area.

He finally said that the operation of the new gas generators in the Nyaz-1 area contributed to the to saving 8,500 liters a day of diesel fuel that was originally used to fuel treatment stations and the workers camp. This came in the framework of the policy of rationalizing the use of petroleum fuels to insure the economic viability of projects.


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