Bahrain is considering to launch a pilot project that will help recover a huge untapped resource in the residual oil saturation in the Gas Cap of the Mauddud reservoir, Energy Minister, Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, said, Trade Arabia reported.

The project of $355m is envisaged to expand gas processing facilities at the Bahrain National Gas Company in order to increase its daily capacity to 350mcf, Arabian Oil and Gas informed. The facility will also process the additional associated gas to produce liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

“Although a large percentage of the recoverable reserves of the Bahrain Field have already been produced over the last 84 years, National Oil and Gas Authority (Noga), through Tatweer Petroleum, managed during the last few years to arrest, and reverse the declining oil production, and to increase the daily oil output by more than 50%, compared with the production level of 2009,” Energy Minister added.

“Additionally, the non-associated gas production capacity was also increased by around 30%, which enabled us to meet all natural gas demands during the last five years,” noted Mirza.