American oil company Apache Corporation has temporarily abandoned three recently drilled exploratory wells, WKAL-L-D-1X, WKAN-D-1X, and WKAL-O-1X, all of which were drilled in the context of the company’s current drilling plan.

The drilling operation for WKAL-L-D-1X entailed costs of $3.940 million. The well was drilled to a depth of 14,950 feet in the West Kalabsha D exploration lease, Marmarica basin. It was drilled using the EDC-59 rig, and encountered oil, but Apache took the decision to temporarily abandon the discovery.

WKAL-O-1X was also drilled in the West Kalabsha field, in the West Kalabsha O exploratory lease.

The well was similarly temporarily plugged despite encountering oil, after being drilled to a depth of 15,470 feet using the EDC-59 rig. The drilling of the well was conducted at a cost of $3.722 million.

The WKAN-D-1X well was drilled in the West Kanayes D exploration lease, Northern Egypt basin, using the EDC-57 rig, at a total cost of $3.910 million. The company also temporarily abandoned this well after encountering oil.

Apache, which first began operating in Egypt in 1994, holds the largest amount of acreage in the Western Desert region, and is the region’s biggest producer of crude oil and natural gas. The company operates in Egypt through its Khalda Petroleum Company and Qarun Petroleum Company joint ventures, both mutually owned with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).