In a statement made to Egypt Oil & Gas, EGPC Vice Executive Chairman for Operations, Amr Mostafa said that while the quantities of fuel pumped to stations during the feast (Eid-Al-Adha) were sufficient to meet the needs of citizens in all governorates, the large number of citizens traveling  during the vacation caused traffic jams at some stations affecting the availability of fuel in those stations.

The quantity of gasoline provided was 22.5 thousand tons a day and 37 thousand tons of diesel distributed in accordance with the needs of every governorate.

The ministry of petroleum and ministry of supply kept a watchful eye during the Eid period to make sure no there was no fuel being smuggled to the black market, explained Mostafa adding that the EGPC is continuing to import gasoline and diesel for the local market, noting that the strategic reserve had been depleted in part, during the Eid, with the remainder to be used if and when another crisis happens.