African Union’s (AU) Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, Elham Ibrahim, suggested that African nations pursue joint infrastructure projects to fill the prevailing energy gap across the continent, reported AllAfrica.

On the sidelines of the 27th African Union summit held in Kigali, Ibrahim stressed the importance of African countries teaming up to execute joint projects. “This is what can enable us undertake huge projects, as well as alternative projects. It is important to work together since resources in some countries are not adequate enough for large projects. That is why we are devising a strategy of joint infrastructure projects,” The News Time quoted Ibrahim.

She further pointed out that the countries that implemented joint projects have witnessed rapid growth, adding that the continent is suffering from inadequate infrastructure such as road network, railway access, and pipelines, which experts say has slowed integration and limited intra-African trade.

Additionally, Ibrahim urged African countries to use renewable energy sources in efforts to speed up power generation from solar, wind, and geothermal sources.