Fields Development Company (FDC) will start operating in the HG34-3 well of the Ukrainian Company Naftogaz. FDC will provide the needed services to set the well on the early production system, it will also supply the block with “Site preparation for Early Production Facilities and The Early Production provision.”

HG34-3 is considered the second operation for FDC after it managed to receive approvals to develop some of the GPC fields and the Jazurina field which belongs to EGPC.

The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) issued that it ordered from Naftogaz to start the production as soon as possible, regardless increasing the output of it which is 750 barrels per day until the completion of the production facilities for the gas associated with the oil so as not to burn large quantities of it in case it turned to be proven commercially.

The Ukrainian Company announced the discovery in the HG34-3 field, of Abo Senan and located in the Western Desert, near the end of last year which Egypt Oil & Gas (EOG) exclusively published it in January Issue . The primary results showed that the well accommodates approximately 3000 barrels of crude oil and 4 million cubic feet of gas in Abo Rawash formation.

EOG learned that EGPC and Naftogaz are in the process of founding a joint-venture company, according to the concluded policy of agreements between the local authority and the foreign partner.