A government committee is set to exempt millions of subscribers from an upcoming electricity price hike, following a Sunday presidential decision to ease the financial burden on poorer citizens, reported state-owned Al-Ahram.

Fifteen million subscribers, who make up the lower three consumption brackets, will be excluded from new price hikes, the committee said.

The exemptees include 4.2 million subscribers who consume up to 50 kw/h. They will continue to pay LE0.07 instead of LE0.09 originally planned for the coming fiscal year.

The second exempted bracket includes 2.6 million subscribers who consume from 50 to 100 kw/h. They will keep paying LE0.14 instead of LE0.17.

The third includes 8.2 million subscribers who consume from 100 to 200 kw/h. They will keep pay LE0.16 instead of LE0.2.

Source: Ahram Online