The challenge of having a Safe Culture

HSE Training and Competence program

It is simply passing the knowledge, to achieve a change in behavior, then build A Safe Culture
In Schlumberger HSE training and competence program is a main part of QHSE management system where its vision is to envision a quality and service culture that enables us to exceed customer expectations, actively involve and empower all employees in the continuous improvement process, and enhance profitable growth.

Organization and Resources

    1. Q & HSE training and competence are fundamental to the way we work
    2. Q & HSE training defined as:
      1. Minimum Q & HSE training mandatory for all employees
      2. Job related Q & HSE training
      3. Local (environment, regulatory or client requirement)
      4. Q & HSE training is tracked electronically (QUEST and LMS), and in the Training and Competency passport
    3. Q & HSE competence is achieved through:
      1. Training, Practicing and Experience


The HSE training and competence are delivered through deferent HSE training methods and tracked by dual tracking system the first one is an on line data base HSE certifications and monitoring system ( QUEST) and the other is in hand document for updating records  ( Training and competency passport ).
HSE training is composed of generic HSE training (valid for all Segments) and Segment specific HSE training (valid for one or several Segments).
Generic certifications are tracked in QUEST (an online database system) and the requirement for every employee is associated to his job position, as defined in the Human Resource system (SAP). Segment specific HSE certifications are tracked by the Segment training tracking system (LMS for some Segments). All training and participation to HSE events are recorded in the Training and Competency passport.

The Schlumberger QHSE Data Capture and Reporting Web
Why is QUEST in Place?
The QUEST System Project was initiated in 1999 to provide the following …

  1. Support for deployment of QHSE programs
  2. A Single QHSE data capture and reporting tool for SLB (Before there were many separate systems in the Segments)
  1. A Web based solution to allow real time consolidation
  2. Secure access by all personnel (employees and approved contractors), with several user profiles
  3. Continuous Improvement of QHSE processes (more efficient and effective)
  4. To achieve the above the system is interfaced with other applications …

LDAP, SAP , Mail , FTL, WRS…

QUEST is an important, necessary business tool for the following reasons:

  1. It acts as a central, easily accessible storage point for key QHSE Management system records. 
  2. It is used for statistical analysis of QHSE performance
  3. It used for tracking QHSE data for Legislative compliance issues
  4. It allows remote and or local tracking and monitoring of QHSE Management System implementation and performance
  5. It notifies employees of QHSE related activities or incidents that have occurred
  6. It tracks the closure of Remedial Work Plans

 Some other benefits from using Quest

QUEST supports the QHSE Management System


QUEST supports QHSE Pyramid Principle


QUEST supports Continuous Improvement


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