Tactical Technology in action

GC-TRACER™ advanced gas detection saves client $500,000 by identifying pay zones and enabling more informed decisions to be made about their potential while drilling an exploration well through limestone. Speed and accuracy of the detector were major factors.

GC-TRACER gas interpretation accurately assesses fluids and saves logging costs in a stacked reservoir with interbedded sands and shales. Hydrocarbon component ratios were correlated to fluid type and density. Fewer MDT sampling points reduced costs.

GC-TRACER gas interpretation pinpoints oil/water contact (OWC) quickly and economically as multiple gas ratios provided by the system enabled the operator to accurately identify OWC and drill a deviated slimhole well precisely and on schedule.

Breakthrough speed and accuracy of the GC-TRACER system is made possible by patented membranebased extraction and a high-speed micro-gas chromatograph. Accurate real-time sampling and gas-ratio data transform formation gas analysis intoa powerful reservoir evaluation tool.

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